Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers:

At Madani Schools Federation, we recognise the power of knowledge and believe that students are better able to remember what they have learned in each lesson if they understand how it is linked to the bigger picture of the topic they are studying. To facilitate this, teachers have created one-page summaries of the key vocabulary, information and concepts which will help students see the overall learning journey for the current topic in each subject. At the beginning of each half-term, students from Year 7 to 9 receive a booklet of knowledge organisers which they will be able to use to continually retrieve knowledge from previous lessons and ensure they remember what they have learned and make links to the new content in each lesson.

As a parent, you can use these knowledge organisers to play a powerful role in supporting your child’s learning. In addition to knowledge organisers for every subject, each booklet will include a guide explaining different ways the knowledge organisers can be used in lessons, at home, and for revision. By encouraging your child to engage with these activities, you will be able to able to check that they are keeping up with the work set in their lessons and that they are building the knowledge they need to succeed and progress in their studies

At GCSE students are encouraged to continue to follow the strategies shared with students in the guide section of the knowledge organiser booklet and will be provided with suggestions and resources for revision by their subject teachers.


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