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In the Science faculty our intent is for the curriculum to ensure that learners are equipped with the necessary scientific knowledge, skills and vocabulary and they develop a better understanding of the wider world. Students are encouraged to flourish and reach their personal excellence embedded within the schools HEART values to contribute to the local, national and international community.

The curriculum will enable our learners to value the importance of scientific discoveries, research, promote curiosity and enjoyment of science.

The curriculum will support learners to make connections between different sciences, consider the ethical aspects of a range of science topics and gain a well- rounded knowledge in order to consider different pathways.

During Years 7 and 8, students follow the KS3 National Curriculum. Students in Year 9 cover the transition content. At the end of Year 9 students choose whether to continue with Combined Science course or opt for Triple Science.

We follow the OCR Gateway A specification: GCSE Combined Science awards two GCSE Science whereas GCSE Triple Science awards 3 GCSEs separately for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Throughout the whole course of study, our passionate teaching staff use a wide variety of resources in purpose-built laboratories to provide a safe and exciting learning environment for our students.

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