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“Art is too important not to share” Romero Britto

  • Students will develop knowledge, understanding and skills relevant to their chosen title through integrated practical, critical and contextual study.
  • They will have direct engagement with original works and practice
  • Students may work in any medium or in a combination of different medium provided they are meeting the aims and assessment objectives are met.
  • Students will learn through practical experience and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of sources that inform their creative intentions.
  • Students will have opportunities to develop and apply relevant subject specific skills so that they are using visual language in the communication of their personal ideas
  • Students will reflect critically over time, their creative journey and its effectiveness in relation to the realisation of their personal intentions.
  • Students will create a range of imaginative work and will have opportunities to display this work
  • Students will have opportunities to enter local and national Art competitions. We have had several winners every year.

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June 2024


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