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“The preparation of good food is merely another expression of art, one of the joys of civilised living” Dione Lucas


  • Students will learn about raising awareness of healthy eating through the balance of good health
  • They will Understand portion control, food poisoning and control measures
  • Students will understand GDAs and RDAs, to be able to carry out research into a given topic,
  • They will develop a range of food preparation and cooking skills, adapting recipes, further developing independent cooking skills
  • The functions and properties of ingredients will be taught
  • Students will cover Food Hygiene and Safety, purchasing food, correct food storage, correct selection and usage of equipment
  • They will learn about the 5 main food groups, and what they do/ provide for our bodies
  • Students will be taught about the awareness of the multicultural society of Britain, influences different cultures have, on what we then eat, adapting recipes, individual and team work,
  • Functions and properties of ingredients is covered

Students will be provided a variety of opportunities to cook, bake and present work. They will research and develop menus. This subject prepares all students with key life skills for their and their future. In KS4 they will research and plan a three course meal with a written report. Previously students have baked for charity cake sales, World Book Day and Children In Need


Having recently introduced STEM Education within our schools we have already been recognised for the provision we are providing by STEM Learning. At Madani Schools Federation we are committed to ensuring all students have the best possible experience across STEM subjects, inspiring them to develop high levels of skills in Science, Design Technology, Engineering and Maths enabling them to contribute towards the prosperity, stability and growth of the UK’s economy in the future.

STEM Education within our schools not only intends to develop the subject knowledge of students within STEM subjects but also a range of skill-sets including: adaptability, creative problem solving, problem finding, systems thinking, visualising and improving. These are vital skills for students to develop as they are required for many careers. The STEM subjects have many natural overlaps and therefore much of the subject knowledge is enhanced and consolidated further across the individual subjects.

Across both schools a wide range of activities take place in Engineering and STEM week (in March) and STEM day to encourage students to enhance their skills and knowledge within STEM areas.

Did you know?

STEM related careers are some of the highest paid in the world on average earning around £60,000

72% of all UK businesses rely on people with STEM skills and qualifications

40,000 STEM related jobs go unfilled every year

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