Year 6 Transition

Transferring from Primary to secondary school can sometimes be stressful and daunting. At Madani Girls School we aim to make this process as smooth as possible so that your child will find this process as exciting and stress free as possible.

During the Spring term, staff from Madani Girls School will visit students in their primary school. Staff will be able to talk to year 6 pupils about the transition process and answer any questions that may arise about the transition process and starting secondary school.

In June of year 6, your child will attend Madani Girls School for two days to experience school life, meet their new form tutor and fellow tutees.

We would be pleased to hear from any parent of a year 6 child who may have some questions or concerns about the process..

Transition FAQs

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Transition Video

Year 6 | Prospective Transition Arrangements | Madani Boys/Girls School | 2022-23 Entry

Dear Parent/Carer and Future Madani Student,

It is with great pleasure that I write to you about our Madani Transition arrangements as we welcome you to our learning community. You are joining one of the most oversubscribed and best performing schools in the city in both academic and pastoral measures.

The transition from primary to secondary school is a landmark moment in your life - the move to a new school, with new teachers, staff, routines, surroundings and friends is an exciting time. However, feedback from young people and parents/ carers nationally informs us that transition can also be challenging, involve a period of adaptation and for some a degree of anxiety.

Our aim is to work together to ensure that your child is ready to start their five-year journey in August and enjoy a worry-free summer holiday, happy and confident to return as a Madani student.

1) Transition Videos – available on our school website Week Beginning Monday 6th June 2022
You will get the chance to a tour of Madani and meet our Head Teacher. Watch the clips to find out more about your new School.

2) Transition Booklet – you should receive this Week Beginning Monday 6th June 2022
Make sure you watch the Transition video to help you complete this! This will introduce you to life at Madani, to your new school ‘House’– and our Values - what does HEART actually mean? Don’t forget you will need to complete this before your ‘Tutor group Zoom meeting’ on Monday 20th / Tuesday 21st June 2022.

3) Head of House SchoolCloud calls – please book a personal SchoolCloud video call with your child’s Head of House. SchoolCloud video calls will be available between 13th June 2022 – 17th June 2022 from 2.35pm-3.05pm.
We want to hear from you (Parents/Carers) and have created the opportunity for you to share any information about your child or ask any questions you may have. This will also give you the opportunity to share the exciting things your child is looking forward to when joining Madani. Don’t forget to ask any questions or discuss any worries you may have.

SchoolCloud video call booking is available from Monday 6th June (4pm) – Friday 10th June 2022 (9am) after this date you will need to contact us to make an appointment. Information on how to book your video call via SchoolCloud is attached.

4) Form Group Virtual Zoom meeting - you will receive a Zoom video meeting invite for 4pm on Monday 20th/Tuesday 21st June 2022 – you can join by computer, tablet or phone!

This is so exciting – you will get the chance to meet your whole Tutor group in one go ‘virtually’ on Zoom prior to your Transition visit! You will receive a letter on 15th June 2022 explaining how to join. Remember to have your completed Transition Booklet as I hear there will be prizes!

5) Year 6 Transition Visits TBC

Madani Boys School | Tuesday 28th June 2022 | 8.30am – 2.30pm Madani Induction Day

Madani Boys School | Wednesday 29th June 2022 | 8.20am – 2.30pm Meet the Form Class & Nurture Day

Madani Girls School | Tuesday 28th June 2022 | 8.30am – 2.30pm Madani Induction Day

Madani Girls School | Wednesday 29th June 2022 | 8:20am – 2.30pm Meeting the Form Class & Nurture Day

You will have the opportunity to meet some members of your new Tutor Group and key staff including your Head of House at school and current students too! Key speakers will be giving presentations on Day 1. The main meeting will take place in the in the School Sports Hall where there will be several stands with information and opportunities to ask questions.

Day 2 will be full of fun and engaging transition activities for your child to attend to help them settle. Please note that any Covid protocols issued by government will be followed. It is optional to wear face coverings and we recommend you sanitise. If your child is isolating or displays any symptoms, please ensure you follow government guidance and keep them home. We can’t wait to see you, if you can attend!

For further information on your child’s Year 6 Transition to Madani Boys/Girls School, please contact our Transition Team on:

t: 0116 249 8080


Please note this plan is subject to change and HE is the best of planners – we will of course inform you of any changes.Thank you for your continued support during this time. On behalf of everyone at Madani; make du’a for us and each other, may the coming days ahead be full of joy, peace and happiness for you, for your families and for humanity, God willing.

Yours sincerely

Ehsan Choudhury

Transition Co-Ordinator

Madani Boys School | Madani Girls School

Further information and support can be obtained from:

Please click here for more information on our transition arrangements.

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