Student Wellbeing


Pupils with good mental health can cope better with stress and life’s challenges, and grow into happy, healthy adults. As a school our aim is to teach children and young people what they can do to look after their mental health and wellbeing. Because we see pupils so often, over such a long period of time, we are in a good position to identify issues and intervene early. Our whole school approach to improving mental health and wellbeing helps make sure pupils, teachers, staff, and parents work together.

A whole school approach means:

  • Identifying mental health needs within the school
  • Delivering high quality teaching around mental health and wellbeing
  • Having a culture that promotes mental health and wellbeing
  • Having an environment that promotes mental health and wellbeing
  • Making sure pupils and staff are aware of and able to access a range of mental health services
  • Supporting staff wellbeing
  • Being committed to pupil and parent participation

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