Welcome to the Madani Schools Federation Examination Office pages. You will find information concerning both public exams and internal (non-exam) assessments (NEAs) including Key Dates, Exam Boards and the Student Examination Handbook which outlines rules and expectations for students during exams.

Candidate Examination Handbook

Rules and expectations for candidates before, during and after the 2024 exam series: each candidate must sign the appendix to prove to their form tutor and the Exams Officer that they have read this handbook thoroughly. A copy of the exam timetable (see below) is included at the back of the handbook.

Click here to download the 2024 Candidate Handbook (PDF)

2024 Examination Timetable

Standard start times are: Morning exams - 8.40am; Afternoon exams - 1.30pm. Candidates should arrive at least 20 minutes before their exam start time.

Click here to download the 2024 Exam TImetable (PDF)

Results Day

On the morning of Thursday 22nd August, you will be expected to collect your paper copy provisional results between 8.30 and 10.00 am. Your official GCSE certificates will be given to you in November.

Once in the building, you will have to read and sign a Consent Form (number 3 below). This gives the School Exams Officer and Subject Teachers the ability to access your scripts for all subjects so that they can make better judgements on the allocation of marks for your exam scripts.


The documents below are very important, and you might like to download / print them for future reference.

1. JCQ Post Results Service Document – gives you a general overview of all services

2. JCQ infographic – gives you an overview of your choices in picture form

3. Review of Results and Consent Sheet – paper copies of this will be available in School on 24th August. When considering whether to make a Review of Marking (Service 2) request with any of the exam awarding bodies, please kindly note that all fees are on a 'per paper/ component basis'

For example, if you want to request a Review of Marking for AQA maths, the total qualification fee is £121.05 (£40.35 per paper)

Similarly, the fee for Edexcel Pearson English Language, if you wish to request a Review of Marking for both papers, is £89 and not just £44.50. Access to Scripts is a service that is FREE OF CHARGE for all awarding bodies, but there IS A DEADLINE of 7th SEPTEMBER for candidates requiring ‘Priority’ copies of scripts.

Please always complete the request document in full: you can use as many copies as you need to in order to make things clear. Please also read the information on providing evidence of payment, so that we can provide you with the correct receipts.

Payment details for any Review of Results must be completed by 23rd September at the latest.

Review of Results (Appeals) explained in brief:


If you believe that there has been an error with any of your grades, you will need to follow the JCQ Appeal procedure. In order to process the necessary appeal, you will need to complete the requests for appeals document:

Post-results services: request, consent and payment form by Friday 23rd September.

There are five main grounds for appeal, as dictated by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ). They are:

● You think we have made an administrative error: an example of this would be putting the wrong information into a spreadsheet.

● You think we have made a procedural error: this means we haven’t properly followed our own process, as approved by the exam board. An example of this would be where you’ve been told you should have received extra time for assessments but this wasn’t given in a certain subject.

● You think the academic judgement on the selection of evidence was unreasonable: you think the evidence used to grade you was not reasonable.

● You think the academic judgement on the grade you were given was unreasonable.

‘Unreasonable’ is a technical term in this context and means that no educational professional acting reasonably could have selected the same evidence or come up with the same grade.

Should you consider applying for an appeal, please note that appeals are not a guarantee of a change of GCSE grades and can result in grades going down on closer inspection of the examination evidence.


There are also fees that you would need to pay, unless you are one mark away from the higher grade threshold (in which case, the School will meet the cost of the initial fee):


Clerical re-check £8.70

Review of Marking £40.35


Clerical re-check £10.00

Review of Marking £57.50


Clerical re-check £12.50

Review of Marking £44.50


Clerical re-check £11.00

Review of Marking £40.00

If you decide to make an appeals request, you must complete the paperwork (RoR and Consent Sheet) in full before informing the Exams Officer directly via the email: results@madani.leicester.sch.uk

He will check that you have at least glanced at the ‘JCQ Post Results Services’ document and the JCQ Infographic before appealing. If you decide to go ahead with your appeal, all communication will be via email so please make sure that you are regularly checking your School email address.

Note - please provide an alternative email address if you think you will have problems with your School email address.

Payments for Reviews of Results and Appeals will be processed by MCAS.

You won’t be able to make an RoR Appeal without sufficient credit in your MCAS account.

Any requests received after Friday 23rd September cannot be processed.

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