It is a pleasure to welcome you to our website. Madani Girls School welcomes pupils of all faiths and denominations from Year 7–11.

The Federation caters for 450 boys and 450 girls in two separate schools which share the same site. We are currently two very successful schools and both are categorised by Ofsted as ‘good’ at the last inspection.

The Madani Girls School has also received a number of accolades for their performance over the past three years from the DFE and are in the top 100 non-selective schools in the country for student progress and are also in the top 100 non-selective schools in the country for showing the greatest sustained improvement over a three-year period. In 2019 we achieved an outstanding +0.96 progress score.

Sending your child to us is a great honour and a trust that we take very seriously and it is enshrined in British common law, ‘In loco parentis’ is Latin for ‘instead of a parent’ and is the responsibility placed on us as teachers to ensure that the manner in which you care and look after your child at home is carried through when you choose to send your child to one of our schools.

However, the success of your child stems from working together and it is important that we build a strong trust between us to support your child over the next five years.

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